J Dan Weathers, M.D.
J Dan Weathers
Statesboro, GA
Fellowship in Preventative Medicine

Fellow In Training

Dr. Dan Weathers is a board certified physician in the field of Emergency Medicine and Addiction Medicine. His scope
of practice is quite broad including General Medicine, Preventive Medicine, and Addiction Medicine. Dr. Weathers
performed his fellowship training in Addiction Medicine at Case Western Reserve School of Medicine and is Board
Certified by The American Board of Addiction Medicine. His extensive work with alcoholics and drug addicts has given
him a special insight, that has enabled him to form a plan of action that is specifically geared to help those in

Mission Statement
To provide care and treatment for individuals and their families whose lives are affected by addiction to alcohol or other drugs.

To provides help in transforming the lives of addicts and alcoholics by providing the highest quality treatment and continuing care services.

To provide a treatment program based on the belief that chemically dependent individuals can develop the capacity to live full and meaningful lives without the use of mood-altering drugs.

The SARAH, LLC treatment program philosophy of care is based on the belief that chemically dependent individuals can develop a lifestyle free of addiction or alcoholism. We believe that the chemically dependent person can:

Develop the capacity to live a fulfilling and meaningful life without the necessity for the use of mood-altering chemicals;
* Develop rewarding and meaningful relationships with significant others;
* Become responsible for his/her own behavior;
* Regain and foster the ability to make appropriate decisions regarding their lives and the lives of loved ones;
* Become responsible, contributing members of their communities; and
* Have worth, dignity and respect as human beings.

We at SARAH, LLC believe that this philosophy is essential to the provision of a treatment program and therapeutic environment necessary to the sustained recovery process of the chemically dependent person.