Mayer Trobman, DO
Elena Bensonoff
The Aesthetic AntiAging Fellowship
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Fellowship in Preventative Medicine

Graduated Fellow

Let Dr. Mayer Trobman show you the path to a better way of life. Dr. Trobman has been in practice for 34 years and specializes in diagnostic imaging and integrative medicine. Dr. Trobman employs a wide array of clinical diagnostics and screening procedures and has a proven track record for helping his patients to experience true quality of life. Our goal is to achieve optimal health through the implementation of Integrative Medicine.

What Is Integrative Medicine? Integrative Medicine is the assessment and treatment of disorders of human function that occur at the cellular and sub-cellular levels, or in the body's genes, that precede disease and produce loss of vitality, and are part of the cause of disease or trigger progression of disease. The goal of successful treatment with Integrative Medicine is to produce optimum levels of physical and mental function that produce well being and enhancement of life. Integrative medicine bridges traditional medicine.

Dr. Trobman has been successful in handling health problems unresolved or incompletely resolved by traditional medical doctors. Dr. Trobman takes a preventive approach to medical care. His approach is unlike non physician practitioners of holistic medicine, who are not licensed to order lab and diagnostic imaging procedures, or prescribe medications through pharmacist (compounding or traditional). Dr. Trobman is uniquely qualified as an expert in diagnosis to order the most ideal tests while minimizing radiation for each individual patient. (See executive panel ultrasound testing from head to toe). In so doing, diagnosing various conditions at their earliest stage, with best chance for cure or control.

Dr Trobman will not replace your primary care physician and specialists you are now seeing. He will work in conjunction with your doctor. If you do not have a family or primary care doctor, and you need medical care follow-up beyond what you are being treated for at the Wellness Clinic, we will help you find a physician for this. Dr Trobman specializes in handling health issues incompletely or unresolved by traditional medicine.

Is Dr Trobman’s Wellness Clinic right for you?
If you are not interested and unwilling to make any life style, dietary, or exercise changes to treat and prevent various medical conditions, and simply want a pill prescribed to treat each health condition that develops, you should stay with a traditional medical practice.
If you have a current medical problem such as heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, or or other disease or condition, requiring medication. We recommend that you stay on this medication. After proper testing, and history analysis, Dr. Trobman may recommend a customized program for you of diet, exercise, supplements, and possible individualized prescription, or bio-identical hormone replacement which will allow you (coordinated with your primary physician care) to reduce or eliminate your current medication.