Sharon G. Thompson, R.Ph., J.D., FAARFM
Diplomate, ABAAHP

Advanced Fellow

About Sharon G. Thompson

For the past quarter century, with a short hiatus in the middle to attend law school, I have been a practicing pharmacist.  Growing up with homeopaths and herbalists, my mother among them, I always knew there was something missing in my professional life.  As I watched with great sadness, the standard of care, mainstream medicine being taken over by Big Pharma, I knew there must be a different path for me.  I felt not only more dissatisfied with my role as a health care professional, but I became convinced that traditional medicine had gone over the cliff in terms of its approach.  We've lost our way; so many people have become dependent upon (often unsafe) pharmaceuticals to take care of all their "dis-eases" because that's all mainstream medicine affords them.
I always knew there was a better way, but I felt that the only changes coming were for the worse.  Fortunately, a few years ago, a friend and colleague invited me to attend my first module for the Anti-Aging Fellowship at A4M.  Since that first module I was inspired to learn more and more, and now I've completed the Advanced fellowship in anti-aging, regenerative and functional medicine.  Through the process I've met some of the most extraordinary, brilliant teachers including my patients, colleagues and leaders in this field.  I've vastly expanded my professional skills and have opened a compounding and consulting practice in the heart of Manhattan.  I have finally found my passion, and I look forward to each new day with joy because I love what I do."