Fellowship in Preventative Medicine

Myles Suehiro, M.D.

Hawaii Institute for Health and Healing
Honolulu, HI
Body Logic MD

Fellow In Training

Healing first begins with understanding. Understanding begins with insight and awareness which arises from mindfulness. There is always a beginning, there is always a hope for healing. The objective of the practice is to cooperatively develop an insight and understanding of the problem and develop a strategy for balance and healing.

Myles Suehiro, M.D. Inc.
FAARFM: Fellow Anti-Aging, Regenerative, Functional Medicine

Education and Training
Roosevelt High School – 1961
University of Colorado Boulder, CO – 1965
Creighton University School of Medicine, Omaha, NE – 1974
Residency: Internal Medicine – 1975-77
Veterans Administration Hospital, Long Beach, CA
Fellowship Pulmonary Disease – 1979
Long Beach Veterans Administration Hospital
Fellowship Anesthesiology / Surgical Intensive Care – 1980
Certification American Board Internal Medicine – 1980

Our Focus:

A. Metabolic Syndrome / Insulin Resistance
1. Obesity

2. Glucose Intolerance

3. Cardiovascular Disorders

4. Hyperlipidemia

B. Disorders associated with the Metabolic Syndrome / Insulin Resistance
1. Inflamatory Respiratory Disorders
- Obstructive Sleep Apnea / Sleep Disordered Breathing
- Asthma / Exercise Associated Shortness of Breath
- Chronic Cough / Allergic Rhinitis / Gastro-Esophageal Reflux

2. Cardiovascular Disorders
- Hypertention
- Atherosclerotic Diseases
- Congestive Heart Failure

3. Hormonal Disorders
- Pre-Diabetes / Hyperglycemia / Hyperinsulinemia
- Type II Diabetes
- Hypogonadism

4. Intestinal Dysbiosis / Intestinal Microbiological Flora Imbalance

5. Disseminated Cancer Syndromes

C. Chronic fatigue syndrome/metabolic and hormonal disorders
1. Amino Acid, Micronutrient Imbalance

2. Mitochondrial Dysfunction

3. Menopause, Peri-menopause, Andropause next therapeutic options provided