Fellowship in Preventative Medicine
Steve Rogoff

Dr. Steve Rogoff, M.D.

Kauai, Hawaii

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Steve Rogoff and family

Fellow In Training

Raised in Los Angeles, California, Dr. Rogoff attended U.C. Berkeley where he graduated with honors and was one of twenty third-year students to be initiated into Phi Beta Kappa. Receiving his Medical Doctorate from the University of California, San Diego with it’s heavy emphasis on biochemistry and molecular physiology, he did his post-graduate training at the University of California, San Francisco’s rural Santa Rosa program in unopposed family practice where he was chief resident. Dr. Rogoff moved to Kauai in 2002, where he works both as the Medical Director in a traditional family practice and as an Emergency Room physician on the neighbor island of Molokai. He is board certified in Family Medicine and Anti-Aging Medicine, and is a fellow in Anti-Aging, Regenerative, and Functional Medicine. His wife, Tracey, and son, Sawyer, are his shining lights. Dr. Rogoff is also a published author of one novel and one collection of short stories, entitled Nazca and Colors & Shadows, respectively. His non-medical interests include traveling, music, and surfing.

Theories of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Functional Medicine

1. -Nutrition must be balanced. Exercise is vital. Stress must be reduced. Immune systems require support. The human mind and body requires a spiritual connection, if even with one’s family or community. The digestive system requires maintenance and careful adjustment, as it is our true interface with our environment. Disharmony, and eventual disease, often begins in the hypothalamic-pituitary access. Adrenal health is critical. Hormonal balancing to youthful levels leads to increased vitality, prevents morbidity, allays cancer and debilitation. Optimal thyroid function is required for metabolism and temperature homeostasis, without which critical enzymatic reactions cannot occur. Mitochondria, the body’s sole energy source, must be optimized and supported. Pharmaceuticals, though sometimes necessary, do not provide benefit without costs. Environmental toxins and heavy metals burden the body in a cumulative way. The human body is only as young as its oldest organ. Currently-available nutritional supplements may prolong life.

2. -There is more we physicians can do to make people feel better than what is currently done by today’s standard of care.