Dr. Robert Porzio
Dr. porzio
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Medical Director, BodyLogicMD San Jose, CA
Fellowship in Preventative Medicine

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About Robert Porzio, D.O.

Dr. Robert Porzio practice integrative and preventative medicine alongside fellow BodyLogicMD affiliated physician, Bob Ghelfi, M.D. at BodyLogicMD of Sacramento. Dr. Porzio devotes his practice to treating men and women with individualized wellness programs tailored to each patient’s specific, personal needs. Using integrative therapies, including a combination of bioidentical hormone therapy and personalized nutrition, fitness and stress-reduction regimens, Dr. Porzio helps restore his patients’ energy, improve mental clarity and overall quality of life.

As doctor of emergency medicine for many years, Dr. Porzio witnessed first-hand the barely treatable tragedies that may result from poor health management. Longing to be a part of the solution, Dr. Porzio shifted his focus to health care prevention. In 2009, he opened his own practice specializing in preventative medicine and anti-aging.

Dr. Porzio not only encourages his patients to pursue a life of total wellness, he lives it too. As a professional natural bodybuilder of the International Federation of Professional Athletes and a multi-title natural bodybuilder champion, he knows the keys to successfully achieving and maintaining a youthful, healthy state of well-being.

After completing his undergraduate degree at California State University, Dr. Porzio went on to pursue his Doctorate of Osteopathic Medicine at Western University of Health Sciences, which he completed in 2001. He completed his internship and residency at Botsford General Hospital in Farmington Hills, Michigan focusing on emergency medicine. Dr. Porzio is an active member of the American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine and the Institute for Functional Medicine.

Board Certifications and Associations

Member of BodyLogicMD a national network of highly trained physicians specializing in Natural Bioidentical Hormone Therapy.
Member of the American Academy for Anti-Aging Medicine
Member of the Institute for Functional Medicine
Board Certified in Osteopathic Medicine
Board Certified in Emergency Medicine
Member of fellowship for Anti-Aging, Regenerative and Functional Medicine