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Joanne Poje Tomasulo, MD

Preferred Center for Integrative Medicine
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Dr. Poje completed her medical degree at University of Anunnazia, Chieti, Italy in 1981. She completed her training at New York Hospital and Jamaica Medical Center in New York. She is a Fellow of the American Academy of OB/GYN. She is Board Certified by the American Board Of addiction Medicine and received intensive training on interventional pain procedures by the SPPM Society, and fellowship trained in functional and integrative medicine. Dr. Poje is one of only 2500 physicians in the US, certified by the American Board of Addiction Medicine. She is also a Diplomat of the American academy of Anti -Aging and Regenerative medicine. Since completing her medical degree, her training and experience has evolved to more extensive and elaborate from OB/GYN to addiction, to pain management, to managing age. She also practices acupuncture, anti -aging procedures and laser treatments. She believes in taking care of patient as a whole… and a whole person is a lot of knowledge unimaginable…..She uses science and technology to find the cause and treatment, combine with nature healing to ultimate wellness and health. Currently, she is completing Masters in Functional Medicine and Nutrition from the University of South Florida at Tampa medical school and also enrolled in the Integrative Cancer Treatment fellowship through the A4M.

Our Philosophy:

The fields of preventive medicine and public health share the objectives of promoting general health and preventing specific diseases. Preventive medicines as a discipline encompass primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention levels. At the level of primary prevention, an array of integrative modalities can be effective in health promotion, including lifestyle counseling, dietary guidance, stress mitigation techniques, interventions to improve sleep quality, and use ofnutriceuticals and herbal supplements for health promotion. At the secondary prevention, stress management and nutritional supplementation can reduce risk factors for chronic disease. At the level of tertiary prevention,the full range of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) modalities pertains to such goals as pain management, symptom control, stress relief, disease management, and risk reduction. Integrative medicine offers knowledgeable guidance to tailored therapies across the full spectrum of both conventional and CAM practice, thereby providing any given patient more options—and more opportunities for success—in the pursuit of personal health. Integrative medicines,practiced judiciously, offer the promise of better patient outcomes.

Integrative medicine is the union between conventionalmedicine and various methods of the mind/body experience. By treating the body as a whole and recognizing theailment as a product of being “un-well” individually, one treats thesubconscious as well as the physical body at the same time. Inaddition to assisting pain control, integrative medicine further enables thepatient to actively participate in their treatment options and ultimatelyachieve relief from their pain.

Restore Health is all about identifying and removing the things that push you towards disease and filling your life with the things that create wellness so you can stay healthy or get healthy. Rather than simply relying on medications to treat symptoms, we work with you to help get your systems back to optimal function. We think in terms of how your body works within its genetic predispositions and how it interacts with food, environmental toxins and stress. We use conventional medications and testing when they are needed, but we also use food as medical therapy along with targeted clinical approaches.

We try to restore the ability of the body to adapt to the stresses of life or support the tissues that have failed to adapt adequately.

With Integrative approach we try to Improve quality of life, many restored to full health and vitality.

We are dedicated to improving the management of complex, chronic disease by intervening at multiple levels to address these core clinical imbalances and to restore each patient’s functionality and health.