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Anti-Aging Medicine; The Medicine Of The Future

Dr Craige Golding, a specialist physician in anti-aging medicine and medical director of Solal, admits that the term anti-aging medicine is perhaps not the best description of his field of interest. "It tends to suggest a focus on the exterior, giving the impression that its all about wrinkles and Botox treatments. But the focus is much broader than that. Anti-aging medicine is really about the prevention, early detection and reversal of the chronic diseases that become more common with age, and which constitute nearly 90% of the illnesses doctors treat on an ongoing basis. It truly is the medicine of the new millennium, advocating that people actively take control of their health rather than simply waiting for diseases to develop. People want to spend a longer time living healthily and a shorter time dying."

Bio-identical hormones

Supplementing with identical hormones as we age, to more youthful levels of hormones, may slow down the aging process By Dr Craige Golding, American board-certified anti-aging physician, MBCHB (cum laude), FCP(SA), ABAARM, FAAFM It is becoming increasingly accepted that we age prematurely because our hormone levels decline, and that if we restore hormone levels to the optimal range we avoid many of the aging diseases. Hormone deficiency has been linked to diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes mellitus, dementia, osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. Other consequences include visual and hearing loss, fractures, frailty, incontinence, obesity, reduced libido and degenerative neurological diseases. Additionally hormone deficiency can cause cancer, such as the low testosterone levels associated with prostate cancer, or the low levels of progesterone involved in breast cancer. In the wake of the controversial Womens Health Initiative studies, it is crucial to differentiate between toxic and safe hormone replenishment. Bio-identical hormone replenishment is a powerful protective agent against serious diseases. Understanding the difference between bio-identical and non-bio-identical hormones can greatly enhance the quality of life for patients.