Fellowship in Preventative Medicine
Doohi Lee

 Doohi Lee, M.D.

Plano, Texas


Graduated Fellow

Dr. Doohi Lee
Education and Experience
Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland, OH)
- Undergrad in Music and Engineering
- Doctorate

Internship & Residency in Radiology and Surgery

Hospitals for Special Surgery (New York City)
- Fellowship in Musculoskeletal Imaging and Interventions

Atlanta Summer Olympics - Invited Physician
NASA - Worked in research with the International Space Station

Certifications and Associations
- American Board of Phlebology
- American Board of Radiology
- American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine
- American Academy of Cosmetic Physicians
- American Academy of Pain Management

Concert Pianist- Has performed internationally and continues to perform in the DFW area

Dr. Doohi Lee, first and foremost, is a patient advocate. His central philosophy of medical practice is that the needs and desires of his patients come first, and he devotes all of his professional and personal qualifications toward fulfilling this goal.

As a team of dedicated professionals at ASA, we work towards this goal by:

1. Having comprehensive understanding of all technologies available and those offered at our office

2. Learning the latest technologies as they become available in order to offer our patients the latest developments in Aesthetic Medicine

3. Offering an individualized treatment plan to meet the unique needs of each patient

4. Creating and innovating new techniques to further enhance the field of Aesthetic Medicine and limit the invasiveness of procedures for our patients

At Advanced Surgical Arts we believe in creating a functional approach to longevity medicine. Rather than believe that people's hormone levels decline because of aging, we believe people age because hormone levels drop.

The principles of aging are centered on glycation (sugar metabolism), inflammation, oxidation and metylation (abnormal gene expression). Hormone replacement therapies (HRT) enable people to remain youthful by retarding the aging process.

Dr. Doohi Lee offers Bio-Identical HRT using the following hormones to keep an individuals hormone levels at optimal ranges for overall well-being:
Growth Hormone

Weight Loss with hCG:
hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a hormone produced during pregnancy. One of it's functions is to ensure the growing fetus receives enough nutrients to grow and develop normally. It does this by making the abnormal fat stored in the mother's body available for use. The mother's body is then able to use this fat for nutrients and energy despite her intake.

When hCG is taken, the body is able to tap into it's stored fat and utilize it. When combined with a calorie resctriction diet, the person is subsisting more on their stored fat than on what they are eating. They are burning 3500-4000 calories of stored fat daily which amounts to losing 1-2 pounds every day!

Many people want to know if they can be comfortable on a calorie restriction diet of 500 calories per day. One of the miracles of hcg is that a person can feel comfortable eating only 500 calories per day while taking the hcg supplement. While on the hCG diet, appetite is suppressed and most patients feel as if they are stuffing themselves on 500 calories a day.