Dr. Gisele Castelluber M.D.
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Fellowship in Preventative Medicine

Advanced Fellow

Inspire Great Health

Located in Lyndhurst New Jersey, we are all about helping people reach their optimum health without having the need of being sick. There are certain people that feel symptoms of fatigue, and loss of energy with no clue on the where it even came from. Living doesn't have to be the way of dealing with pain, suffering, or illness. By testing your imbalances within your body, we can fix almost everything. We deal with functional, metabolic and aesthetic medicine from which include natural substances that help your body rehabilitate.

Dr Gisele Castelluber creates a place to help issues that most people specifically have. Issues of hormone, enzyme, iron, and vitamin deficiencies are of most that would never have know they even had. As well as internal health we also deal with external problems such as skin and hair. With all of these procedures we try to help problems in the long run that prevent from Cancer, Alzheimer's  and other serious problems that could severally affect the way you live in the long run.

We hold gatherings and seminars to educate many who are willing to learn about the health of their families, friends, and of their own. With this we also create an incentive to have free snacks, coupons, samples and testing in exchange for your valuable time.

Dr. Castelluber is an accredited doctor that  combines anti-aging medicine with other alternative medicines to ensure that everything is exceptionally safe.
Inspire Great Health provides procedures, medication, and supplements specifically for your age, body type, sickness, and certain change that you desire in your life.

Its time to feel better about you...

When you feel good about yourself it shows. With an emphasis on helping you achieve and maintain optimal health, beauty, and vitality, Dr. Gisele Castelluber specializes in comprehensive health and wellness procedures for every stage of life. Whether you need an annual well-woman exam, wrinkle-erasing Botox treatments or information on anti-aging therapies, Dr. Castelluber offers you the trusted care of a family practitioner, plus the well-credentialed expertise of an anti-aging expert. She's also warm, approachable and compassionate, which means you'll always feel comfortable in her care.