Elena Bensonoff, CRPH, ABAAHP Diplomate
Elena Bensonoff
The Aesthetic AntiAging Fellowship
President & Founder, Wholistic, Inc.
Fellowship in Preventative Medicine

Advanced Fellow

As a pharmacist, Clinical Health Practitioner and Fellow in Anti-Aging Functional Medicine, I wanted to find a pure and chemical-free skin care line for myself and my family. Each time I found a product that seemed to be natural or organic, I discovered that it contained harmful ingredients or lacked proper packaging. From my research and studies, I learned that for a product to be truly pure and organic, it cannot contain any synthetic ingredients, including chemical bases often not disclosed in ingredients, and must be stored in a dark glass container to preserve effectiveness.

Products with synthetic ingredients can actually age and damage our skin with long-term use. Not only that, the California Safe Cosmetics Act of 2005 lists more than 780 chemicals that are known to cause cancer, reproductive disorders, liver damage and other serious illnesses. Sadly, I discovered that most commercial skin care products, even those claiming to be natural or organic, contain many of those ingredients.

Just like our stomach processes the food we eat, our skin absorbs what is applied topically, and transfers it directly into our bloodstream and organs. If a skin care product is labeled as “Harmful if swallowed” or “For external use only”, how can that product be safe to apply to our skin? I believe that the choices we make about our skin care products are as important as the food we eat. This is our core philosophy and the foundation upon which we make our products.

It has taken many years to perfect our formulas to be simple, yet effective. Every herb and essential oil used in our products has been carefully selected to nourish, restore, and heal. Our products are sold primarily by dermatologists and Anti-Aging health care Practitioners who share our vision of bringing out natural, long lasting beauty from the inside. Wholistic is your chance to make a change, shine naturally, and live a healthier, more fulfilling life..

WHOLISTIC APPROACH TO YOUNGER LOOKING SKIN: Many factors can influence your skin. There for taking good care of your skin starts from inside out. Nutrition, Lifestyle, Wholistic skin care regiment all play a role in having a healthy, youthful, glowing skin. By supporting your body's natural healing, anti-aging abilities and using Wholistic skin care products, you are on a right track to better skin.


• Drink 8-10 glasses of water a day.

• Eating whole foods with low Glycemic Index, Anti-oxidant rich
foods, such as: Berries, Broccoli. Drink Green Tea daily.

• Take Pharmaceutical grade Fish Oil (Omega 3) rich in
anti-inflammatory properties, will keep skin moisturized and supple. Pharmaceutical grade supplements are tested for purity and mercury free. Take a good Probiotic to help your body's detoxifying ability by boosting your beneficial bacteria in digestive tract.

• Avoid or limit sugar, trans fats, artificial sweeteners, simple carbohydrates,food addivites. These are extremely inflammatory.

• Exercise and stress reduction will help support your body's natural detoxification and reduce inflammation.

• Visit your Board Certified Anti-Aging Practitioner to help you get on the right track. Visit WorldHealth.net to locate a practitioner in your area.

• Throw away products that contain toxic additives or ingredients you can't pronounce. Federal health statutes do not require companies to test products or ingredients for safety before they are sold. As a result, nearly all personal care products are not required to meet standards of safety (refer to ewg.org).