Fellowship in Preventative Medicine

Rosemary Bates, MD

Plano, TX
(972) 943-8597
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Internal Medicine
Your overall health is in good hands with our training and experience in internal medicine. Our practice is led by Dr. Bates, who is board-certified in Internal Medicine. We provide comprehensive medical care, performing many on-site tests to diagnose and appropriately treat both temporary illnesses and complex medical problems. We recommend an annual physical exam, complete with age-appropriate blood work and ancillary tests per the American Heart Association and American Cancer Society guidelines for prevention and screening.

Prevention and Wellness
We believe prevention and a healthy lifestyle are the best medicine to avoid chronic disease. We work with you to personalize a program beginning with a healthy lifestyle. This includes diet, exercise and nutritional supplementation as needed. We recommend a comprehensive annual physical, including age-appropriate blood work and testing to screen for potential disease. We are proud to offer weight loss and maintenance programs to help you attain optimal health and prevent many common chronic medical problems.

Weight Loss
Being overweight is a serious medical problem that contributes to many common chronic diseases, including diabetes, cancer and heart disease. Using a team approach, we personalize a weight loss program that works for you. We start with a comprehensive evaluation including blood work and measurements. We follow these at appropriate intervals for your optimal health, safety and results. In addition, we offer unique genetic testing to further individualize a long-term weight maintenance program for your continued success and good health. We have several programs, including safe and effective rapid weight loss for a “kick start” which builds confidence and allows you to begin exercising as we work together to change your habits and achieve your long-term weight loss goals.

Age Management Medicine
Aging is a natural process, but it can be managed to keep you living life to the fullest. We work with you to individualize a program that includes lifestyle modification, nutritional supplementation and hormone optimization. We start with a comprehensive evaluation, including measuring essential hormone levels and key markers that change as we age. Without management, these changes can have many undesired effects that contribute to a lesser quality of life and a higher risk of heart disease and strokes. With diet, exercise, supplements and hormone balance, we can help you achieve a level of health to keep you productive, energetic and feeling more youthful as you age.

Hormone Optimization
As we age, our hormone levels decline. This has many undesirable effects that can lead to a poor quality of life and increased risk of heart disease and strokes. We use bio-identical hormone replacement therapy to balance and optimize your levels and improve your quality of life. Our goal is to work with you to prevent the problems associated with this decline in hormone levels. There are many choices for hormone replacement, including patches, creams, pills and injections. We are proud to be among the first few local providers of “SottoPelle Hormone Therapy”. This is a unique hormone replacement therapy which delivers bio-identical hormones in exact individualized doses. The hormone levels are held steady, providing many benefits that last three to eight months between doses.